Interview: Sigrid Calon


Sigrid, Who are you and where you from?

I am a visual artist, I work & live in Tilburg, the Netherlands.


Tell us more about your job as a visual artist and when did u know this was your passion?

I only make stuff where I believe in, what I think is the best for that moment, space, exhibition or assignment. I decided to go to art school when I was 16 …So after high school, age 18 I started there. It took me some time before I really knew what I wanted… maybe that was just 10 years ago!


What did you study?

I studied textiles at the Academy of Fine Arts

What inspires you?

 I am inspired by lots of things! That can be chewinggum-packaging or the colors of a flower. For my work I often use textiles, that can be textures, materials or techniques.


How will you describe the style of your work?

Most of the times I work with color and with specific textures, clear images and graphical solutions. I am trying to communicate on an abstract level/language.

How do you distinguish yourself (in your job)?

I am trying to realize my own ‘signature’. At the Academy we were thought to work from ourselves. That takes time and by the years you train and develop your instinct more & more. I think that’s an important thing to rely on.



What are your dreams for the future?

I hope that when I’m 80 (healthy & vibrant, I am still enjoying working in a big and beautiful atelier!

Interview: Eugene & Zafiera


The moment that I first saw the work of this talented couple, I immediately followed their instagram and facebook. I think Eugene and Zafiera are very unique in their way of working with the camera. The feeling is really serene but sophisticated. The images always inspire me. This is a couple that perfectly shows the “zeitgeist” of youth.

Who are you and where you from?

Eugene, 22 years old / Zafiera, 21 years old | both living in Amsterdam | Photography Duo Eugene&Zafiera

When did you find out photography was your passion and when did you decide you wanted to do more with this?

Eugene: I discovered my passion for photography really early. It all started with my interest for design around the age of twelve. While I was creating and making designs, I made pictures of objects I could use. A few years later I started focusing more on photography, because I found it more creative for me.

Zafiera: My passion for photography has grown with the years. I started with a fashionblog, including streetstyle photography, self made portraits and outfits. Eugene was helping me with the photography part of the blog, and brought me a lot of knowledge about using the camera and everything else that is important for a great shot.

During the years we are more focusing on fashion, because both qualities formed the best package for creating this kind of photography. We started to experiment with different images. We found out that we collaborate very well and that our ideas form the perfect combination.


Did you study photography?

Eugene: Yes I did a photography study.

Zafiera: Eugene taught me everything.

Where do you find your inspiration?

It differs each day but mainly out of: magazines, the internet, other photographers, daily objects or things we see or experience on the road.


What is your style?

We bring what the mood says, we currently not having one style. We are doing a lot of experiment and discover our signature.

How do you distinguish yourself?

 Besides, forming a photography duo, we are in a relationship for almost 7 years now. The fact that were are able to keep the private and business part separate, makes us different from the rest. We are mostly a step further on the competitiors on different manners of the business. We think we are a good example for youth and inspire a lot of young people with our work. We prove that is possible to start with nothing and by working hard you can reach a lot of succes. If you work hard, you will reach your goal.


What kind of brands are you working for and what is your favourite?

For example ., WDSTCK, ETQ-Amsterdam, AMFI and Kurt Elshot

Currently, Kurt Elshot is definitely a favourite.


What are your dreams for the future?

Enjoy life, travel a lot and discover the world and bring our work international. We can’t wait for more  awesome, challenging projects and collaborations.


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