Little black dress


Are you ready for Christmas? I have to admit that I love this time of the winter. The Amsterdam streets are full of lights, glitter and shiny items are in stores and the smell of fresh baked sweets. Cosy isn’t it? Even though it is always hard to find items which you can wear for Christmas but which has also use after these special days too. Glitter&Glamour is fun, but just for one evening? Well I found the ultimate black dress which is a timeless item and which I can easily wear to school or in my free time. Simple but classy. This wrap dress from Costes lays the accent on your waist, which make your legs look longer. Who doesn’t want that? The V-neck is also very feminine. When you walk the fabric moves playfully and the fitting shows a little bit of leg. For a special day you can wear this dress with heels. More casual? You can combine this dress with a pair of sneakers. If you want a badass look you can choose to wear some bikerboots underneath. A leather jacket on top or a wool winter coat for the cold days and you are ready to go!

Location: Bar Botanique

Photography by Carly Wollaert



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