Travel: Kefalonia Island

There is one thing for sure; I had the best two weeks from this year while spending my time on this island! Sun, sea, authentic places, the very kind Greek people and the beautiful nature. When I think about these days I get that exciting and relaxed feeling again. I can recommend this island to everyone who wants to relax but at the same time wants to visit nice little villages. Fiskardo, is a place you should definitely visit. It is well known for it’s colorful houses, little harbour and nice bohemian shops. I saw a lot of beautiful bags, towels and clothing over there. Unfortunately a little more expensive than the shops in other villages. I think they estimate their prices on the people who visit this place with their yachts. So save some money before going there. Also, skip the place called Lassi. It is very touristic and crowded. Also there is a lot to discover on this island for instance silent beaches. If you want to experience the whole vibe and different aspects you must rent a car.

Argostoli is the capital city of the island. A nice place to visit in the evenings and to have dinner. Restaurants in Greece are reasonably priced, so enjoy some traditional food. In Argostoli you can also find a lot of turtles! The last thing I can recommend is to take a ferry and enjoy the sea breeze.







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