Hotspot: Trust


This Café (little restaurant) called Trust is a very special one. Maybe some of you heard of it because they have a very different way of doing business. They lead a pay as you feel management, you can decide by yourself how much you want to pay for your meal or drink. The people of Trust are very kind, the positive and happy vibe is all over the place. The kitchen is an open area which makes it really personal. An other special thing is that they do mindtraining in the kitchen, very inspiring to see. The business, the employees and their vibe and the delicious healthy food make this place a very special one. I think everyone should visit it! even just for the experience. I had this yummy breakfast after an early stressy morning (deadlines…) and enjoyed this delicious granola, fruits and yoghurt.

Café Trust Albert Cuypstraat 210 Amsterdam



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