Kanye West x adidas originals YEEZY SEASON 1

Kanye West x Adidas Originals

We all know him the man who calls himself a god Kanye West. He just released his new collection for Adidas Originals. An innovative collection? not really. It is a style that fits Kanye perfectly and started in 2013. What is suprising is that the collection is very well connected, the styles and colors create a perfect uniformity. Many criticts mentioned that Kanye is the one calling himself a designer, but that he is just following the current hype. An other thing that they are mentioning is that you can’t call this a collaboration because there is no Adidas DNA included in this picture. Well I love his choice of models, all unique faces with different ethnicity. I like the designs as well and love the style but I think it is not very original. I am very curious about your opinion towards this new release. What do you think?


source: highsnobiety


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