Our brand: Alèph

aleph logo

“In 2025 image and media have become the most important part of creating a reality in our own minds. ALÈPH encourages you to break out of the cocoon created by this flood of images. Aleph challenges you to look beyond the usual, cross boundaries and think further than the infinite. Inspired by the Dutch artist M.C. Escher, an icon in the shadows, well known for his endless patterns and genius way of mocking with perspective. Escher lets you think twice and makes you believe you are still uncertain about what you see. With this in mind, the same idea about letting you look further, ALÈPH creates more space for interpretation.”

Alèph is the brand that our team created for Triptych. We had three weeks to develop a fashionconcept including businessmodels, brandbooks and the collection. We showed all of these in a self made 3d exposition. I am very proud of our team. I will share the shoot with u guys.


Designers: Aliza Hellings, Giulia Klamer, Meike Nieuwenhuis & Burcu Dere

Photographer: Dauna Kraag

Models: Jourdan Jona, Teun Bak & Thomas de Rijk


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