January loves

The time of the year when it is cold outside and christmas and new years eve are over.  I can’t wait till spring is around the corner. Well I will share my favourite items I bought and my presents I received in the holidays.  Some items that put you through this cold winterdays.

january items

1. Lipstick I had a meeting at Fashiolista Agency today, I think some of you will know this website, a platform including all the big fashionbloggers in the world. They are working on a new project so stay tuned to their website! Well I received this lipstick of Ellis Faas. The colour is a mix between orange and brown. I think it will be nice for upcoming spring.

2. How to be Parisian This book is really funny. Typical girly. It is all about how to become a Parisian woman, funny characteristics and scenarios are noticed. Some great facts and tips and easy to read! I bought it at the American bookstore in Amsterdam (Spui).

3. The Fashion Book You can call this a small encyclopedia consisting of important persons in the fashion industry and legends from the past. Designers, models and icons are included really useful to find information quick.

4. Coco Mademoiselle A legendary perfume makes every woman feel more confident even at bad days.


3 gedachtes over “January loves

  1. HI! I am thinking about being the book ‘How to be Parisian’, but was wondering if it is told like a story or more informative? There is so much hype around it, so I am really interested 😀

    1. It is more divided in subjects, and they notice funny notes or facts about it. But is not like a whole story with characters. So very easy to read, but they often use scenarios (little stories) to point out something not only lists haha.

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