Interview: Adinda

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“It is just the way it is”

Adinda, who are you?

Adinda Clair van Groeningen, 21 years old, Amsterdam. A Young photographer.

Tell us more about yourself as a photographer, when did you know this was your passion?

I always liked the effect of creating emotions and feelings through images, like a secret message. Because of my study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. I realised I had a big interest for photography. Besides, I received a lot of compliments for my work. Now a days I am spending a lot of time on photographing but I still won’t call myself a photographer. I think I am not 100% there yet, I still need a lot to experience and learn. Sending a message to humanity through every image is the most important thing you have to do to become a real photographer.


What did you study?

I studied commercial economics , but soon I got bored. I started to make my own bags of LP’s and sold them on facebook and in a few stores. The creative side filled up my boredom. Later on, I chose for my creative side and began to study Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute as mentioned earlier.


What is your creative vision?

I always thought visions were stupid, why should I have a vision to make something interesting or beautiful? Every day I like another aspect of the world so it is impossible to have just one vision. But suddenly I found a  key element, a core in my work.  My vision was born: “it is just the way it is”, it is so simple as ABC. I recognised that Reality was the most important for me, making anyone better through photoshop or technics is fake. Now I know I want to make visuals full of reality, not manipulated scenarios.


What inspires you?

The daily aspects in life, just normal stuff.


How will u describe the style of your work?

I think it is a must for everyone to be able to describe your work in just one word. My word is ‘reality’. But of  course there are different kinds of reality. I still have to discover what is reality to me to become different from the rest in the upcoming years.


Where can we find your work?

Lately I have started my own tumblr, where I show my new work on a daily basis. I photograph for the brand Samplebien and make photo’s at events like ‘Moam’, ‘Modefabriek’ and ‘Museumnacht’ all located in Amsterdam. In the future I will start my own website.


What are your plans for the future?

I just know this for a very short time, I don’t want to link my dreams to one particular job. I am a person who differs a lot from what I like or what I want to do. My dream is that I will always have the opportunity to express my vision on the humanity, in different manners. It can be photography, art or graphic design.







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