Style Inspiration

Minimal Chic

Simplistic, Core, Sophisticated consisting of black, white and grey elements


I love the colour black, it is sophisticated and a perfect colour choice to wear. The combination with the leather elements in the shoes and the jacket make the outfit more Rock&Roll. It is definitely something I will wear, I often combine black outfits with a simple touch of colour (with coloured sneakers or a blue scarf or something), so I really like this red element.


Another perfect black outfit, a pair of black boots make it more fashionable. Besides, an oversized bomberjacket is a real musthave! It is more an street-urban version of the over-all black outfit.

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Who doesn’t love the camel coat, a big trend these days.  I am still searching for the perfect fit! I love big scarfs. What do you think of this outfit?


What I like the most of this outfit is the comfy-cashual look. A wide pants, comfy sneakers with a sophisticated leather jacket. The perfect way to be well dressed and at the same time it is a really comfortable outfit for a sunday.

Source: Pinterest


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