Catwalk: Rachid Assoui


Lately, I have visited the show

Le Rêve Orientaliste of Rachid Assoui!

Rachid Assoui released his second collection called “Le Rêve Orientaliste´´. This collection is inspired by two important definitions orientalism and futurism. Two opposite influences which make these creations really interesting. A touch of ethnic combined with some innovative structures. Rachid uses the tradition and beauty of the middle east as an inspiration and combines it with characteristics of the Western world. Look at the pictures of the models with their tight tails, with silver metallic elements in the eyebrows wearing beautiful haute couture pieces in bright colours. Besides, I love his choice of models because of their different origins. Do you want to experience the whole fibe of the show check out this video. What do you guys think?


 Foto’s door: Jeroen Snijders

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Front row with one my friends Sofia (from the house of orange article I wrote about)

A while ago I have also visited a storerelease of Rachid in Rotterdam search for this article below!


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