Interview: Sigrid Calon



Beautiful patterns…

Sigrid, Who are you and where you from?

I am a visual artist, I work & live in Tilburg, the Netherlands.


Tell us more about your job as a visual artist and when did u know this was your passion?

I only make stuff where I believe in, what I think is the best for that moment, space, exhibition or assignment. I decided to go to art school when I was 16 …So after high school, age 18 I started there. It took me some time before I really knew what I wanted… maybe that was just 10 years ago!


What did you study?

I studied textiles at the Academy of Fine Arts

What inspires you?

 I am inspired by lots of things! That can be chewinggum-packaging or the colors of a flower. For my work I often use textiles, that can be textures, materials or techniques.


How will you describe the style of your work?

Most of the times I work with color and with specific textures, clear images and graphical solutions. I am trying to communicate on an abstract level/language.

How do you distinguish yourself (in your job)?

I am trying to realize my own ‘signature’. At the Academy we were  teached to work from ourselves. That takes time and by the years you train and develop your instinct more & more. I think that’s an important thing to rely on.


Where can we find your work ? 

At the moment in:

New York; 530 west 25th street

-at Printed Matter inc.

-In Arnhem, NL; Rijnstate Hospital

-the (sun)glasses of Oxydo in a eyewear-shop

-the prints & my newest book of course in my own small-webshop

-next week at OZ in Amsterdam


What are your dreams for the future?

I hope that when I’m 80 (healthy & vibrant) I am still enjoying working in a big and beautiful atelier!


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