Men streetstyle: Colourful

It’s time to give the men who are into fashion some attention! I was searching through the internet and found all these amazing outfits. Many people always think men often wear dark colours, but these images are proving the opposite. I think it is a missing piece in the Netherlands, a little bit of colour makes your outfit more original and outstanding. Check out all these inspiring combinations in outfits! source:

tumblr_mmeesaAQjv1qcokjko1_1280Day1JoshTravis_backyardbill tumblr_n0az5mqitw1qd0hugo1_400tumblr_n91l7s2XHb1rmctpbo1_400 tumblr_n91l7s2XHb1rmctpbo8_400 tumblr_n99pqur7AF1r3dckpo1_400 tumblr_n99pqur7AF1r3dckpo2_400 tumblr_n7978s3QYk1t8bv7ao1_400


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