Day 1: Fashionweek

Today, I had my first day at the Amsterdam fashion week. I worked backstage and welcomed the designers, models, the L’Oréal professionals team, the House of orange team, the team of OPI and the press. It was a long sit at the frontdesk, because I worked from 9:00 till 18:00. I work together with two other girls, but we hadn’t that much work to do. It was the first day of the Fashionweek and only two shows were planned for today. However  it was fun to be part of the atmosphere and to watch all the people in front of you.

The first show was from the designer Claes Iversen. He designed a really classic collection including floral details and cristals. He had a huge team of members, and I was surprised to see that a designer’s team at a fashionweek included so many people. The models were really young, varying between 14-16 years. We welcomed the models and refered them to the dressing rooms and the L’Oréal team. The make-up for the models was really natural but shiny.

Later that evening, a special performance was planned. Nanine Linning made a choreography with her dancers and combined it with the beautiful innovative designs of Iris van Herpen. A one-hour during show including fashion,dance and art.

I’ve had a blast this first day, can’t wait till the upcoming days (it will be a lot busier, because much more shows are planned for each day) The team is really nice, the atmosphere is inspiring, the catering is delicious, I met a lot of people from the fashion industry and talked with a lot of fashion people well-known from tv. It was a special day!



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