Monday’s Summer Inspiration: Zara

zomer inspiratie 2014

1. Floral Jumpsuit This is a perfect jumpsuit for this summer. One piece of clothing and you’ve got your tropical look in beautiful red . It’s dressy and sporty as well.

2. Coloured Necklace This is a real statement necklace, you can wear it on a white top and your outfit is already more special. Love the colours.

3. Ethnic orange skirt I’m just in love with the fabric’s print. The fit is so cute for this summer in combination with the african print. A real musthave, a coloured/printed skirt!

4. Violet pastel Top An awesome loose fit for a hot summer, the pastel colour makes it girly and the print/letters make it look more sporty. A really nice top to wear on a denim short.


Do you like the items?  Buy them for your summer wardrobe!


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