Designtalent : Soizick van der Wiele “Transform your style”

This time my blogpost will be about one of my best friends Soizick van der Wiele, she’s studying for employee styling-lifestyle: fashion & design at the Koning Willem I College. She’s in the second year now and has developed herself throughout an upcoming designtalent.

Last month she started with the project called “Transform your style”. The main inspiration for the group was “Rei kawakubu” (Japanese fashion designer and founder of “comme des garcons”). She’s known for her black colourchoice and the fact that her models aren’t allowed to wear heels. Soizick did research on her work and made a little researchbook. The most inspiring work that Soizick found was the collection called “Lumps and bumps” and the work called “Paper surgeries” featuring Stephen J Shanabrook. Paper surgeries was a project about the ideal beauty, about the fact that models in magazines are extremely pretty but does that means that the normal girl isn’t special. “Imperfection makes perfection”. Paper surgeries includes pictures that are crumpled, the body proportions are out of balance and a new image has been created. Paper surgeries inspired Soizick with the slogan : “Beauty comes from within’’.




This slogan was essential for Soizick to start with her sketches and designing. She chose the colour black because it’s creates a sad atmosphere on it’s own. Origami class at school inspired her and she wanted to include this in her design. The Japanese origami flower matched best with the design. When the flower is closed (it isn’t that pretty), because the beauty of the flower is on the inside. After the flower opens, the beauty appears. The origami is used in the shoulder and the back piece. The back piece includes a face that is hidden in a snap shutted flower, when you open the flower the entire face is shown.







The pictures are taken in the studio by: Cynthia Cats, another friend of mine, who’s studying photography at the WDKA at Rotterdam.

Model: Eva Möller

Soizick van der Wiele, designer:

Cynthia Cats, photographer:


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